Loaded with intuitive and smart features .


This feature helps to automatically calculate multiple types of inventories like gas, food, lotto etc.


Through this feature the manager can have an overview of the gas station register and daily sale.

Cash Drop

A faster way to automatically calculate the cash deposited by the employees.


Calculating the mart items never got easier. GaSmart is fast and reliable for everyday mart calculation.


Mart Delivery and Gas Delivery are managed through this feature which includes payments, vendors, BOL# etc.


Reports are a smart way to analyze gas station progress for any duration.

Car Wash

Services like Car Wash can also be tracked using GaSmart's Car Wash feature.

Mechanic Shop

GaSmart is designed to manage services like repair and maintenance, using Mechanic Shop feature.


Deli sale is easily managed using this feature, which can be further tracked in reports.


GaSmart has simplified a gas station's invoice and expense accounting through finance feature.


Licenses and certificates are vital for every business and GaSmart helps a gas station to keep their record.